“My memories from Tbilisi remain very deep in my heart” – Sharon Stone (Exclusive)
28 April, 2017
World famous Hollywood star Sharon Stone visited Georgia on June 5, 2011, to attend the screening of the movie called “5 Days of August,” dedicated to the Russia-Georgia conflict in 2008.

We all remember this day very well, because Sharon Stone visiting Georgia was as big an event for Georgia as when Marcello Mastroianni and Robert De Niro arrived in 1988 and 1987 respectively.
Sharon Stone at the premiere of "5 Days of August" in Tbilisi, 2011.

Seven years have
passed and when I contacted her for an interview, I was lucky to hear that she agreed. AND, this is her first exclusive interview for Georgian media. You may already know that in 2017 as many as four movies will be premiered with Sharon Stone taking part. This is really a very important year for her and it is always hard to make someone agree on an interview with such busy the schedule. That is why I am that much thankful to her.

Sharon Stone has taken part in close to 80 movies and according to the People magazine, she is one of the most beautiful people in the world.

In this interview, she talks about her personal life, family, career and Georgia.

Dear Sharon you are favorite actress of Georgian people, almost every woman attentively follows news related with you. At the age of 59, you have an incredible figure and ageless complexion. In one of your interviews you said, that you won't lie about your age, though you probably could. I absolutely agree that you could lie about your age, because you have an incredible figure and you look as attractive as 30 years ago. I would ask you: how do you manage this?

Thank you for this nice compliment. I do enjoy exercise and I believe that fitness, healthy eating and moreover healthy thinking and a sense of spirituality are the keys to living a happy and fit life. Of course as we age; we all face our own health issues and life issues, therefore we have the opportunity to combine medical and whole food, homeopathic remedies and fitness as a response to each of our stress issues whether they are health, job, or personal. I do find that these approaches are for me the most practical. I like to add Buddhism to my spiritual practice for it is a practical approach to stress that is for me the happiest way to live.
Sharon Stone flawless at the Pilosio building peace award in Milan, 2015

March 20-th marked the 25th anniversary of the release of Basic Instinct. As the film was released it became as popular in Georgia as anywhere else in the world. I read your post on Facebook: “Thanks to Michael Douglas and everyone who made it possible 25 years later and I still have great memories.” Could you look back and tell us something about these memories and the film?

Making that film made me stronger. I can say that no one other than the director Paul Verhoven whom I had worked for in the past on Total Recall was interested in me for the part. I screen tested for eight months to get the part. I got it mainly because no stars wanted it and my test beat other non star actors. Verhovens belief in me and his continued support in me while we shot made many people uncomfortable but as a new actor to the star scene it was immeasurable in my being able to deliver such a powerful performance. I learned that one must protect their performance at all costs even when others don’t really like you as you to. Work isn’t always a popularity contest; and certainly this wasn’t a time for strong female performances and I was delivering one. So I had to keep my head down and do my job. This continued to be my mantra; and not everyone supported this journey in my life of course. It was hard to be a glass ceiling head banger. I think that is why I disappeared out of the business and got married and ran away. The lack of support coupled with the huge demand to deliver was such a big machine and it was frightening and I couldn’t find a good agent to be in my corner or to handle the pressure for me. These were big lessons, not all of them happy, but all of them taught me many things and now as an older actress coming back to my work, I have a different attitude about what is valuable and who matters. Who genuinely cares at the end of that day and about what. And what endures. Real art endures, and like it or not Basic Instinct is real art; created at a crossroad period in film history and it stands the test of time. Where I was laughed at and looked down at when it was first released, now I can say that people can see the work for the work. Which was a character that was intriguing to play as it was so far outside of my own understanding of the world as I knew it...then.
Sharon Stone in her famous scene from the Basic Instinct

“I like to be bought flowers and taken out for dinner. I like a man to be a gentleman. I don't like to be treated as if I am brainless. I like to be respected and to give respect”. This is one of my favoutire quotes said by you. My next question is about private life, who was the main man of your life, or the man you often think about?

I guess that is still my Dad.

I have been in love and had wonderful love affairs with men both American and from a few different countries. This has helped me understand other countries from intimate perspectives which has left me with terrific memories. I have been married twice; to a great guy when I was young who I am still friends with and who I adore and admire greatly. I married again when I was forty; I think as I wanted children so much, I married making many mistakes in my choices. This was a heartbreaking period of my life, and as such a huge learning period of my life. Leaving that marriage I learned that a less traditional life might bring me more happiness and adopted two more boys on my own. I used to think that no men were at all interested in me then and I was at my most beautiful and fun but I was literally wrapped in children and I am sure from a male perspective there seemed to be no room for a man to be.
Sharon Stone with her children

Now, I date, but find that men, in general, who might be “age appropriate” seem worn out or bitter with their own choices, or all looking to add me to their bucket list of accomplishments. None of that is particularly interesting to me naturally. Younger men who are too much younger are just too much younger to have a common bond in the long run and I am not interested in giving up my time for foolish affairs now in this part of life. I value my own time and that which I have with my kids as I realize that they will be gone in a few years.

So love life? Not too busy there. And ok with that. Love, will manifest itself when that flower can no longer withstand its own unwillingness to bloom.

Dear Sharon you are recognized as one of the great actresses of modern day cinema. You have starred in some classic pictures throughout your career and we remember your sexy leading lady roles as well. Is there any film role that you would like to play and haven’t played it yet?

Yes. I am enjoying comedic roles now in my life. I am in a period of life, where nothing is better than laughing and sharing the set with artists who are enjoying this art form. Of course, other things may come my way and I will see as they do. But right now. … im happy having fun.

Throughout your career you have starred opposite Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Arnold Schwarzenegger and so on. Could you tell me who is the most comfortable film partner for you?

My best film partner is always a terrific director and a great script. When that happens all of us shine and we enjoy the experience.
Sharon Stone captured in 2017, her beauty untouched by time (On the photo she stole the show at Muhammad Ali at Celebrity Fight Night)

My next question is about Mr. Donald Trump. What do think about the 45th US president and about his political views?

This is a turbulent time in our government, I don’t think that I can say anything to shed light on this in any way that is valuable. I love my country, of course as an American who supports the office of the President, there is little that is more heartbreaking than to see that office in turmoil. I, like all Americans wish to see that situation defined, cleared up and put on a steady track to success.

In 2011 you arrived in Georgia, we were more than happy to see Sharon Stone in Tbilisi attending the premiere of the film “5 Days of August.” Could you look back and tell us your impression about Georgia? What did you like most of all in Tbilisi?

My experience in Georgia was so touching. My memories there stay with me and remain very deep in my heart. The Georgian Pope took time out of his schedule to spend an afternoon with me and my party, to share his extraordinary musical compositions and to allow me into his greenhouse; which was for me as I love such a thing, just magical.
Sharon Stone emotional at the meeting with Georgia's Patriarch Ilia II

I have keepsakes from that day on my vanity. I went to the oldest church, walking up with the women of the village and they took me in with their group and were so warm and inviting and I had the extreme honor of experiencing this ancient and still practicing way of prayer. The priests inside a stone wall with their backs to the masses; the men on one side and the women on the other but with such warmth and community. It was so great.
Sharon Stone interested in churchkhela (traditional Georgian sweets) and dried fruit. Tbilisi, 2011.

I had food, traditional meals that were extraordinary, and walked the streets and countryside with the local people. I met the president in his modern facility to see the new look at governing. My trip was so good and so welcoming and I will carry that memory close to my heart.
Sharon Stone stepping on glass floor with Georgia's then-president Mikheil Saakashvili at presidential palace, Tbilisi, 2011.

By Nino Tsipuria for Kviris Palitra

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