Tiger Lily – Young Georgian director’s new film premiered in Tbilisi
29 August, 2017
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Georgian cinematography is developing and gaining more and more new gifted moviemakers. 19-years-old Tekla Tevdorashvili is yet another fledgling film director who plays her role in revitalizing and transforming Georgian film industry.

Tekla’s debut short film named Tiger Lily was premiered at the Rustaveli Movie Theater on August 19.
The young director who is passionate about films studies at the film and media faculty in Amsterdam.

The film tells the story of a young girl who tries to find her own place in life. Tiger Lily gives the audience insight into the life of a girl, who despite of many fails and obstacles, does not give up and eventually finds her own path in life. There is a lot of resistance, but there is always hope that after every fall you can still stand up and fight for your own goals and values - this is the main message of the movie.
The main character goes through a difficult phase of re-evaluating her values, but her plain everyday life is embellished by a tiger lily, which strangely appears in her life. The flower serves as a symbol of beauty, hope and love. After meeting an imaginary stranger in a park, the girl starts exploring her life and psyche more deeply.

Eventually the hero’s trip within herself leads her to the right path and she starts perceiving world differently in all its glory and colors.

The film stirs unusual sensations within you and makes one think about his/her life from a different perspective. After watching the film you are eager to discover your personality and get to know who you are in reality. Tiger Lily is a perfect demonstration how a human being who faces many obstacles and feels disappointed, can reincarnate and gain self-confidence and hope back. It shows that anyone can find his/her tiger lily in life.
Georgian Journal asked the young director to share her impressions concerning her debut film:

“I am a beginner filmmaker and scriptwriter as well. I have been involved in this field since 2011 and I have made short films for various youth festivals. This is my first relatively serious work. I have worked mainly on documentary films, but I have also made a short feature film for the youth festival "Golden Butterfly".

As for Tiger Lily, I started working on
this film in January 2017 and finished just a few days ago before the premiere, in August. I wanted each spectator to get the message of the film and draw his/her own conclusions.
The premiere of Tiger Lily will also take place in Amsterdam, supposedly at the end of September. I have many new ideas and plans that I will bring into reality in the near future”, - Author of the film told Georgian Journal.

The film was received warmly by the audience and received positive feedback.
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