Action, Loyalty, and Corruption
06 September, 2012

Everybody is relieved that there has been a new start and that the difficult times are over. Now is our time. And things will start clean. Unfortunately there were those who benefitted from the old system and they must be excluded from the new system. Some of them should be punished. Maybe simple exclusion from the system will be sufficient but for some they need to be actively pursued and punished. What is particularly frustrating is that some of those who

were very much a part of the problem in the old system, they become the loudest critics of the new system. They somehow didn't get the message that things have not only changed and and that they desperately needed to change but that their role was not just negative but treasonous. They need to sit down, stay home, be quiet and let us do our work.



So now that we are in the new system things will be clean and, unlike the old days, they will be fair. The corruption of the past will be banished. Anybody who is corrupt or who was corrupt will be punished very strictly. But at the same time the people need things to happen. They need to be shown that now that the new group is in control things can really get going rather than the potemkin village we were living in before, filled with hypocrisy, where the authorities would say everything was fine but look underneath and it was rotten. Now we really need to deliver to the public; to give them all the things they have wanted and needed to lead honest and upstanding lives.


And we need to do that quickly. And to do that quickly we need people who are decisive, who can make things happen. Who we can trust and will move quickly according to the plan without all the bureaucracy and talk talk talk. People who can cut through the accumulated crud and make things happen. There is so little time. The population expects so much and they are looking to us to provide it, we are their only hope. The nation has called and has handed us this responsibility and we will not fail, nor will we delay. The list of things that need to be done is not short and we will start immediately and will not be distracted.


But after some time, frustratingly there are those who don't agree with the plan. They pick apart details, they don't see the big picture, and they prevent others from seeing the big picture. They are often those who were part of the problem in the first place, the problem that we solved. But embarrassed by our success they try to take on the details. In fact those who caused the problems back in the old days who are still lurking around, are now more or less the ones who are criticising us. In fact for all practical purposes we can consider them the same group. They hate our success, they are trying to prevent our success. That is the only thing they can do is, motivated by jelousy and a lack of vision, is to prevent our program of national transformation. And we must prevent that at all costs, we can't let that group hijack our work. And why would anybody work against our plans? How could anybody who is honest and independent work against us?


And they gain supporters by the cheapest populistic tricks. By appealing to the confused masses who don't really understand the plan. And in so doing, they jeopardise everything. We can not let this group destroy everything we have built. We must be sure that we can trust those who will implement this work. Allowing anybody and everybody to participate, either commercially or politically in this work is a luxury we can not afford. We need those we can trust. If we have to cut a few corners along the way, who cares? As long as the ultimate aim is achieved, and quickly because we have so many things to do.


We know who can do the job anyway, those people have shown themselves to us long ago, and the others who were sitting on the side lines when we started this work, most likely they are among our enemies anyway, and it would be very dangerous to let them see inside our effort. They can stay on the sidelines and benefit when we have finished this project. Now is our time not theirs. People are with us or against us and we know clearly who is with us so we know clearly who is against us. They are backwards, they are corrupt and they are traitors -traitors to the cause and our cause is the cause of the nation.