The battle of Apples and Oranges
27 September, 2012

In the latest Saga that is Apple vs. Samsung, two giants of technology, Apple sued Samsung yet again. This time Apple was suing Samsung for $707 million for “wilfully diluted its trade dress, taking billions in sales in the fast- growing U.S. smartphone market at a key moment in the transition between feature phones and smartphones. The lawsuits that Apple brought before courts were not really about the design or the technology infringement issues, but rather about sales. By wining against

Samsung on issues of infringement, Apple’s next logical move will be to ask the courts to ban the sales of Samsung products in each country where Apple wins the cases. To a layperson like myself these lawsuits sound as if Apple just doesn’t want to have to work harder to compete. As Samsung spokesperson stated after the latest lawsuit went in favour of Apple for $1.05 billion, “It is unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners, or technology that is being improved every day by Samsung and other companies”. Last week the day the new and, judging from customer reviews, not much improved Iphone 5 came out, the court in Germany ruled against Apple in a case involving Apple, Samsung and Motorola.

So sales of both Samsung and Motorola in Germany may continue. But if the US courts continue siding without proper investigation on the side of the patent bully that has become Apple, the US population may never see another Samsung product on its shore. And that would be a shame, because to a person like myself, who really enjoys Apple computers, an Iphone feels more like a toy rather then a phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy SII, a phone with a much bigger screen, more organizational skills, a hundred times better camera and a lighter. To be honest I have had Samsung phones for years now, but I tried an Iphone last year, and the most I used it for was listening to music, so I gave up on it, went back to an Ipod for music and Samsung for phone.

I will probably use Samsung phones until someone comes up with a better phone, but I have no loyalty to any company, they are neither my friends, nor do I have stock in either one of them, so for me it is all about the technology, the presentation and the usability that drives me to buy. On the other hand there are millions of users who swear by the Iphone and have declared a war on all other technologies, which would be fine if this was an open market. Apple, Samsung and everyone else who is in the technology game of phones, tablets, etc., should be left in the open, to fight it out not in courts but in the courts of public opinion, aka- the sales department. We as customers and consumers would all benefit from an honest design and technology fight vs. a legal case battles that will probably drag on for years.