1 900 000 Civilized Georgians?
25 November, 2010

Nika  Lobjanidze

According to the latest data provided by ITU (International Telecommunication Union), only 1 900 000 citizens of Georgia are Internet users; this comprises 28, 3 % of the population of the country.

Can this figure reflect that they are “early adopters” or that Georgia has only 1 900 000 civilized citizens? If the data on the population 4 600 825 citizens (US Census Bureau) as of June 2010 is correct, it means that only 28, 3 % of population are using the WWW

– the World Wide Web. There is a drastic growth compared to year 2000 when there were only 20 000 Internet users. It was a long way from “green salad days” of ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) to the World Wide Web. I do remember myself sitting in the office next to a colleague of mine from London in 1995; he was teaching me how to use Internet...The question on facts and figures on the number of users, quality of Internet access and quantity of bearers is just Factbook. The real issue is how the Georgian Internet segment is growing .What would be Internet trends. I do not think that Internet shopping, (as Georgians prefer face to face shopping historically), Internet ( IP) telephony, web 2.0 would  be a case for Georgia, as  world tycoons like, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Livejornal and Myspace are taking over and there is no need  to invent a bicycle. To my mind the most challenging projects could be Georgian ancestry website, as Georgians are very proud of their past, origin and relatives, along with this website on your next door neighbors (‘karis mezobeli’ in Georgian). The segment of Georgian national cuisine could be done in the format of Internet teasers around the globe where Georgian cuisine is considered yummy and people are looking around for recipes of famous Georgian cuisine as a sweet memory of the days spent in Georgia. I think – please correct me if I’m wrong – that one of the vital tasks of Georgian Government is to start domestic  production of netbooks in order to make Internet as easy to access as Geocell, Magticom, Beeline mobile phone. It should be cheap and reliable, easy to use and ”satsivi-proof” in case if you spill it on the keyboard.