Litter & Us
06 December, 2012
Waste a.k.a. garbage, rubbish, trash, refuse, junk and litter is unwanted or useless materials, as our beloved Wiki is teaching us. Litter refers to waste disposed of improperly, hence the title of this distressing editorial. One of the biggest paradoxes of life in Georgia is that in this country of hi-tech, ubiquitous cell phones, ostentatious fashion-shows and, let us say, of European culture, waste is mismanaged regardless the efforts of authorities, and litter is mishandled by the public in spite
of our claim to be called a civilized nation.
Last Sunday, the beautiful sunny weather we had all enjoyed made me walk the streets of older Tbilisi. I went strolling around the town by the narrow paved passage way, running right under the Gorgeous Narikala and Mtasminda — both of them my beloved spots – proudly looking down the city from above. I wish I hadn’t made the decision. All along the way which passes through the park on the hill slopes, I was accompanied by the litter all along the way, profusely strewn among the trees as if somebody had deliberately decorated the nature with the rubbish. That much wrong could not have been done to the environment by one individual, neither might it be the job of one day. I do not either think it was maliciously planned and dexterously executed by our nemesis from outside who had sneaked into the country with a specially accumulated stock of garbage and scattered it around so amply. This is probably the result of public consciousness in this country who have no clue how much wrong they are doing by intentionally or unconsciously polluting those wonderful recreational places, meant for esthetic pastime and breathing fresh air which is becoming rarer and rarer every day inside a metropolis like Tbilisi. Forget about the capital city, litter is anywhere you go – in parks and woods, even in the remotest ones, on road sides, in populated areas with no dumpsters. The abominable filthy litter is stuck right into our poor noses and eyes, not giving a chance to think that we are a sophisticated society of enlightened people. We simply have an unbridled morbid propensity for dumping litter wherever we go and leaving it there as if this is a regular norm of life. The litter dumpers are the people who have no idea that their antihuman and anti-environmental activity is a direct source of damaged health and corrupt aesthetics. They don’t know the size and weight of harm they are inflicting on all of us. As Wiki continues educating us, waste attracts rodents and insects which harbor gastrointestinal parasites, yellow fever, worms, the plague and other pernicious conditions for humans. On top of that, there are huge economic and social costs connected with an arbitrary litter-dumping human doings. I just wonder what kind of educational efforts have to be made in order for us to learn how to treat the environment and how to maintain our own healthiness. Why do we hate our Mother Nature that much? And not only the nature! I have once written about the dog-waste problem in the streets of this city which is part of the problem. In the last two years or so the amount of dog feces has doubled if not tripled in town. Maybe we are the way we are, and nothing can be helped and changed unless we are beaten black and blue to finally learn the due lesson. Sorry for my getting this hysterical. If asked what I might possibly do, I would only have one answer: Punish the injurious idiots as brutally as it is possible and allowed by law (!) when caught red-handed. Earnestly, I do not see any other way out!