20 December, 2012
After several-year interval Georgian-Russian dialog has ensued. What does Georgia expect from this dialog with 88% of its population, supporting relations with Russia? Answer to this question is intertwined with the reasons that conditioned increase of the supporters of the dialog with Russia while Russia as an image of enemy, is considered as a stigma for the last 20 years and not only desire of relations but even mentioning it in a slightly positive context, was almost equivalent of expulsion
from the society.
‘Nationals’ – main threat of Georgia’s Western course?!

Armed with insufficiently good links with its own people, the previous authorities, as a result of their purposeful information policy, actually equaled themselves with the West but first and foremost – with the USA. The Americans, of course, were in raptures with the ‘pro-Western’ authorities but in this ardor and excitement, they missed the main point: the mistakes made by powers that were identified with the West, and especially with America, were ascribed to them and there was threat that mistrust of authorities could turn into the same attitude to the West. Neil Buckley, author of the media giant ‘Financial Times’, wrote several days ago that ‘the West in Georgian people’s eyes is taken as a hypocrite’.
I’m sure that the most lamentable result of ‘Nationals’ rule for Georgia was exactly abasement of the West’s, or, if you like, USA’s image as our main guarantor and strategic partner. I think the governments of our partner countries should assess these consequences of ‘Nationals’ regime more objectively. Fortunately, with some delay but still the West guessed this and by respecting, recognition and support of Georgian people’s will at October 1 elections, once again, momentarily turned Georgian people to their side.
The main aim we should aspire while negotiating with Russia (besides restoration of trade-economic ties and Russian market) is gaining guarantees of Georgia’s security. Is this real or not? I think in the foreseeable future it’s absolutely unreal. For a long time the West and what’s more the USA will be our main guarantor of security in relations with Russia. But we shouldn’t forget that it is not the same Russia that we used to Know. This is the Russia that is seriously concerned that USA is withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan and it won’t be able to protect its own self and the Asian partners from terrorism, radical Islam and narco-trafficking. This is the Russia that refused to help Bishkek in restoration of order within the frame of Collective Security Treaty Organization; this is the Russia that is unable to protect its interests in many parts of the world. It’s clear that even such Russia will always be stronger than Georgia but now, when Russia is looking for additional leverages for her own security, Georgia should manage to become of interest for her in order to make this anxious neighbor abstain from temptation to infringe our independence.
It’s of utmost importance for us to get free once and for all from the serfdom mentality and syndrome of defeated people.