Digital or analogue Christmas?
27 December, 2012
Christmas does not only leave its mark on our homes and streets, but also on our personal belongings. Naturally, it is also possible to add zest to your computer with Christmas-themed screensavers, games, and music. In, they have a variety of Christmas downloads, among them are midi-files of the most popular Christmas melodies, and games for children in Christmas for Kids-section.
From a cultural historical perspective, we see that a new chapter was added to the history of Christmas
decorations when the computer and Internet emerged, because wherever we move about, we like to put our personal marks on things. We have been posting copies of our surroundings on our computer screens for some time now – just to feel the spirit of Christmas. This practice caused the creation of digital Christmas decorations.On you’ll find free download of Merry Christmas computer screensaver. On you can see Christmas greetings in many languages of the world.
By using Christmas downloads, you can decorate your computer or mobile phone as nicely as the home or office during the Christmas season. What about a Christmas candle with a countdown on the right side of the screen or maybe a screensaver which shows a snow-covered Christmas landscape? The possibilities are endless.
Lots of digital Christmas decorations are made of so-called GIF animations. The GIF format was introduced for the first time in 1987.
The word, “screensaver”, was used for the first time in 1983. It consisted of a small program which made the screen change color. A stationary picture could damage the screen. Today, screensavers are used as decorations, for example, in the form of beautiful Christmas pictures.
So please be creative go digital , start from e-cards and CDes with Christmas songs however your friends, business partners and relatives still would wait from you the paper printed X-mas card as this is a traditional greeting in 100 percent digital modern world of smartphones, tablet computers and netbooks.