Death of Foodstagramming
07 February, 2013
Some restaurants have started banning customers from taking photos of their food, “the New York Times” reports, quoting several chefs in New York City. Georgians like to take pictures at the table; this is a part of national tradition, especially while they are hosting guests, close friends and relatives. One can find plenty of pics on Facebook, Instagram, Livejournal, Twitter and other social networks.
The bottom-line is ban on the pictures of meals, not the persons, sitting at the table,
as each chef has his own decoration of the meal and recopies.
If other restaurants follow suit in the USA, it may signal the demise of “foodstagramming,” a popular practice that involves restaurant-goers taking Instagram pictures of their meals, and sharing them online. While some find it silly and annoying, others just can’t stop themselves from photographing that juicy steak in front of them. Policies around food photography vary from restaurant to restaurant; they range from restrictions on using flash to outright bans. While not everyone who photographs their food uses Instagram, the photo-sharing service now has 90 million monthly active users, and foodstagramming has become quite the fad.
Are you also guilty of taking photos of your meals? Do you think restaurant owners should ban the practice? Should Georgia adopt similar national bans?