14 February, 2013
IF you ask the ‘Nationals’, the state idea of Georgia is entering NATO and EU. If you tell an American or a Frenchman that the NATO or the EU membership of their country is their national idea, their eyes will pop out of their head because any international alliance or organization is only an instrument to regulate economic, military or political challenges facing the country but not the ultimate aim of existence of the nation.
We’ll enter EU
and NATO and maybe even sooner than we imagine. The hysteria with regard to changing of foreign political course by the new authorities is on the one hand the result of ‘National’ bluff and on the other – improper functioning of communication channels of ‘Georgian Dream’. What is more important: watching of next clownery of foaming-at-mouth ‘Nationals’ or initiation of public discussions on such vital issues so that not only authorities but people too start preparations for European space: EU-way of life isn’t only rights but responsibilities as well, getting accustomed to which will certainly be difficult for Georgian people without preparations in advance.
From apple of discord to balanced space
What causes temporary problems for new authorities on foreign political arena? Not foreign policy but change of approaches. Namely, the ‘Nationals’ foreign policy, it can be said directly, in relations with foreign political partners or neighbors was capitulatory, i.e. staying in power only at the expense of pursuing other countries’ interests. To the Euro-American or neighbor ear that was accustomed to vassal relations, intonations of new powers was of course irrelevant; in brief it can be expressed like this: you will defend Georgia’s interests, we’ll pursue your interests. The ado about Kars-Akhalkalaki or Abkhazian railway is repercussion of this new approach –pursuing of Georgia’s interests so that in the best case our interests coincide with those of our partners or at least they are not damaged.
Return of dignity to foreign policy – this must be one of the main demands of people from the new powers. This is directly connected with turning of Georgia from the area of confrontation, or apple of discord, to that of coexistence of balanced interests and cooperation. If we wish, we can manage to make Georgia interesting for every interested party and get rid of ruining role of arms directed at us. Political tendencies undergoing in the world will assist us to turn our aims into reality. Suffice it to say that in several years America by exploring new hard-to-develop gas and oil resources, will actually make a revolution in the world energy and consequently in politics and as never before will tie to itself Russia’s interests. In this process we have two obligations: to hold with dignity the flag of our state interests and by accurate analysis of world tendencies try to knit the belt of economic and political security, main mortar of which will be our partners’ interests.