Friends by Facebook
21 February, 2013
For a long time, Facebook was the most dramatic, exciting company in Silicon Valley, if not in the world.
Facebook was a global phenomenon with users. It grew from a few thousand users at Harvard to a few million at college campuses around the country to more than a billion people in about five years. Thousands of Georgians all over the world joined Facebook – the social network and realized that only one click of computer mouse can bring the new
friends or un-friend with friends. However there are some real threats in privacy settings and you need to control public or friends settings, sharing on Facebook, limit the audience for past posts, and manage the people and applications you have blocked. The ‘stumbling block’ of any social network is security and privacy of your family and business life and Facebook is not an exception that your profile could be hacked by your jealous wife, political opponent or “un-friended ex- friend”. Please watch especially carefully “mutual friends” icon, as this is a spy-hole to all your Facebook friends.
As a business, Facebook, its growth floored people. Revenues reached a billion dollars in half a decade, all while Facebook’s valuation soared past a billion, stunned people at $15 billion, and just kept going.
Meanwhile, the stories about Facebook’s founding in a college dorm room were so wild with betrayal, greed, and cunning that they made a movie about them.
Then, on May 2012, Facebook finally went public at a $100 billion valuation. That seemed like it would be the climax to the story, but it wasn’t, because despite all the hype, Facebook stock halved by August 2012.
The thing about the era of Zuckerberg drawing to a close so soon is that if it really is, no one would be happier about the prospect than Zuckerberg.
He’s never been comfortable in the spotlight.
But it has also made him rich, powerful, and able to do some good.
So … maybe he’ll miss it when it’s gone.
And if Zuckerberg does, it won’t be so hard for him to bring the glory back. It’s basically marketing and the new applications.