Blue flame of hi-tech burner
04 April, 2013
When it comes to home appliances, few things are as important as the kitchen gas range. Gas ranges offer several advantages over electric ovens, including faster heating times. If trying to choose which gas range to purchase had you stressed, stop worrying. Kitchen range and home appliance experts have highlighted some of the most important things to look for in a good gas range one of them is horizontal glass surface holding burners and iron-casted frame for frying pans and
kettle along with normal pans. The market leaders here are Ariston (Italy) and Gefest (Belarus) glass line model, accumulating heat.
Gas ranges traditionally have four or five burners, each varying in size to help accommodate the various sizes of your favorite pots, pans and other cookware. On gas ranges, make sure there’s at least one high-heat burner . A key-(touch-) controlled gas range like Bosch range is provided with a quick control panel, which consists of touch-controlled flame adjusting means, like iPhone or IPad “touch flow” control , continuous ignition circuit, burner and valve with multiple channels, so that the flame intensity may be adjusted automatically in a key-controlled manner. A set of memory means is also provided therein so that the flame intensity is instantly changed to a small intensity of the live fire whenever the pot is removed and the flame intensity is automatically returned to the original intensity after the pot is put back thereon. Inventor: Si-Yu Chen. Current International Classification: F24C 300.
Gas range burners typically come in several styles. If you want faster and easier cleanup after cooking, get gas burners that are sealed. This helps you quickly minimize the problems associated with spills, splashes and other messes.
For added convenience and reliability, look for a gas range that has an automatic timer for its oven. That lets you tell the oven when to turn on and turn off, which can be helpful if you’re the kind of cook who prepares dishes ahead of time.Please do not forget that any gas range needs from time to time maintenance of burners, jets and oven which should be done by maintenance engineer.
If you’re willing to pay extra for it, gas ovens with a built-in fan can be worth the expense. Generally, gas ovens have the heating element at the bottom. This can create uneven cooking temperatures, which can cause problems when you’re baking a delicate dish, such as a souffle. With a built-in fan, the oven can circulate the heated air, which helps create more even cooking results and also reduces the time it takes to cook. Enjoy cooking!