Iphone 5 on the desks of Georgian Customers
09 May, 2013
Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5 units in the first three days after release in the USA and Europe. Georgia sales figures are around half a million. Considering most of these buyers never saw, held or played with an iPhone 5 in person, that’s a big leap of faith. While we haven’t seen any flubs the scale of “Antennagate” this time around, there have been plenty of complaints about the new smartphone. . . With iOS 6 and the new iPhone
5, Apple stripped out the Google Maps app as the default and replaced it with its own Maps app. A flurry of stories in the days following release focused on mistakes and inaccuracies in Apple’s new navigation system.Apple removed from production plants Iphone 4S 64Gb and 32 GB in order to accelerate Iphone 5 sales, however market was stubborn and showed loyalty towards Iphone 4S 16Gb.Below you’ll find explanation.

The data on the maps is innacurate for many places, the app is buggy, and many core features of Google Maps that people had come to rely on simply don’t exist in Apple’s Maps app.
A number of people have reported issues with their iPhone 5 connecting to specific Wi-Fi networks. Sometimes it refuses to connect at all; sometimes it drops the connection. Some people report that even standing right next to the router with their iPhone 5 the signal strength is extremely low, but it works fine on other devices.
After the iOS 6.1 update rolled out, a number of user complaints regarding overheating and a fast draining battery surfaced.Its a real fun under Georgia hot summer to have a hot box in your pocket. Some reports linked this to a problem with Microsoft Exchange 2010 that was supposed to be fixed in Apple’s iOS 6.1.2 update. However, some users are still reporting an excessive battery drain problem, even after the latest update.
The iPhone 5’s anodized aluminum casing getting scratched and scuffed very easily started to emerge quite quickly after the launch. A number of people found the coating was easily scratched off around the edges and chipped on the back panel, revealing the silver aluminum beneath. There were also reports of iPhone 5 units being scratched right out of the box.
The camera on the iPhone 5 is supposed to be the best yet, but many users have reported a strange purple glare. The effect seems to rear its ugly head when there is a strong edge or out-of-scene light source. The standard lens flare effect we’re all used to seems to have a purple hue when using the iPhone 5 camera. In direct comparisons with other cameras, such as that on the iPhone 4S, the difference is pretty clear.
As numerous Customer reports say, Apple Corp. made the worst cellular phone in the glamorous history of Apple Corp …