Electrical Wiring as a Reflection of Mentality
23 May, 2013
Let me first state that I know its illegal to do electrical work yourself if what you run gets connected to 220v.However a friend said years ago his dad ran his own cables through his house then called an electrician out to do the final connection and certify it.
Basically he got a few hundred lari for 10mins work to look at the work that was done and to certify it.
It was years ago so he has no idea
who he called. I have spoken to a few certified electricians and they are not willing to do this. I am wondering if anyone else has done something similar to this before.
Has the Law changed so this is no longer allowed?
No electrician in their right mind would do this in this day and age. Way too much risk with little reward. There was a time where this kind of thing was commonplace, but with everyone suing each other for anything they can think of, I doubt you’ll find anyone to do what you ask.
The most challenging question is: When could we see as a part of reality reflected on the correct diagrams electrical wiring home networks certified by JSC “TELASI”, not dangerous for elderly people and kids, with the ground wire instead of bunches of cables and wires at the entrances and in the basements of Tbilisi apartments? I do remember wiring in Germany, Austria, Holland, Switzerland and other European countries, geometrically precise, labeled and clean from loose wires and cables as a part of well-groomed civilized part of the world. Drastic infrastructural changes in the Georgian landscape should trigger improvement of electrical wiring and safety standards as well.