Ancestry World Project
30 May, 2013
With a few keystrokes you could bring a family together Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. can play an important role in helping people find their family history. And all it takes is a computer, some basic software provided and a little of your time. The Ancestry World Archives Project is thousands of volunteers from around the world with a passion for genealogy and a desire to help others discover their roots. Details and people long ago forgotten are found and
stories are preserved for generations to come. And you can be a part of it in no time. Meet a third cousin for the first time. When combined with 34 million family trees and 10 billion records on
The project quoted in the article has bottom-line to remember and know your family roots. A couple of years ago I stood in front of 83, David Agmashenebeli ave. in Tbilisi – Vakhtang Chabukiani house museum, where ballet master exhibited memorial items. The building doesn’t have memorial board any more; it was removed under an order from city authorities or taken away as a piece of metal by local scavengers… Later on I visited memorial gardens in Saburtalo pantheon of the prominent Georgian citizens and found shabby looking the tomb of famous football player Slava Metreveli.
Suddenly it struck my mind: why would not we do similar to web project in Georgia as the national attitude towards family history, genealogy and memorial gardens are treated with respect nationwide. The memorial gardens could have their websites with virtual tours showing history of the country which adopted Christianity in 337 A.D. and is a melting pot of many nations. Life is not black and white movie and we should not erase, polish and groom something. Web cameras would show life as it is without any kind of propaganda or political flavor.
Meanwhile if you have a gap, please go to and try to find genealogy of your family tree.