The 10 Million USD Light Bulb
06 June, 2013
With the flick of a switch, Philips Electronics may have just dramatically lowered America’s electric bill. In September 2009 the Dutch electronics giant became the first to enter the U.S. Department of Energy’s L Prize competition, which seeks an LED (light emitting diode) alternative to the common 60-watt light bulb. Sixty-watt lights account for 50% of the domestic incandescent market; if they were replaced by LED bulbs, the U.S. could save enough electricity per year to light 17.4 million households.
If Philips won the L Prize, back in 2009 it could claim a cash award and Federal purchasing agreements worth about $10 million. Philips’ LED bulb emits the same amount of light as its incandescent equivalent but uses less than 10 watts and lasts for 25,000 hours — or 25 times as long. The diodes emit light whenever electrical currents are passed through them without creating noticeable heat.
As of today only lazy bone production plant is not producing LED bulbs, Philips, OSRAM, GE, Telefunken, SUPRA , Sylvania, Paulmann, Camelion and many other manufacturers are assembling new generation light bulbs. You can find ” no-name” Chinese producers as well, the principal thing is electric energy saving, so called “warm light” is close to standard bulbs, at the same time electrical wiring is not overloaded and maximum shelf life of led bulb is two times longer, compared to the mercury energy saving white bulbs.
Georgian Customers can order LED bulbs from Internet shops based in China :;; and pay via PayPal system or VISA , Mastercard plastic credit or debit cards with small amount of monies. The LED bulb price range is from 7 USD up to 12 USD 5 watt LED bulb is equal to 40 watt; 7 watt =75 watt and 9 watt=100 watt of regular light bulb luminosity.
Chinese made LED bulbs are good enough especially corn-type bulbs. In case some of the LED diodes blew up the rest would emit light, this is one of the advantages of the new lighting technology.
By the end of month you can save 30-40 % on your monthly “Telasi” electricity bill (this saving would be feasible in case all bulbs in your house are replaced with LED bulbs.)