Banana – monkeys love it, we too!
04 July, 2013
Having read this article, trust me you will never look at banana the same way again after discovering so many health benefits coming from it, and lots of other reasons for adding them into your diet. Banana is a caloric dense fruit which can do a lot of good things for us the humans,
and animals too. It can:
- Combat depression, cure hangover, relieve morning sickness, make us smarter, protect against kidney cancer, blindness and osteoporosis.
- Work as a good source of potassium (chemical element which is necessary of all living cells to function, the deficiency of which may trigger cardiac dysfunction)
- Help to maintain normal blood pressure and protect us from heart disease.
- Promote the bone health.
- Assist in counteracting the urinary calcium loss.
- Be serious source of Carotenoids (Organic pigments that are found in the plants). People consuming diets rich in Carotenoids from natural foods such as fruits and vegetables are healthier and have lower mortality from a number of chronic illness), which are antioxidants (molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules) and have a protective effect against chronic disease condition.
- cut down the risk of stroke.
- Promote eyesight.
-Treat anemia.
- Dispel the effect of hangover.
Diabetics should consult with a physician or dietician to determine if bananas should be included into a diet or not. Also, anyone with allergy should avoid fruit to minimize the risk of allergy reaction.
Eating too much banana will not be good for your heart. More than seven bananas per day may cause serious heart problems. Keep a bunch of bananas on your working desk, and you will be more likely to do your job better.
It is definitely not for nothing that monkeys love bananas, but they most probably know better than us how much of it to eat. Shall we follow their example?