Tango without Skype
01 August, 2013
The latest data on telecom data services indicates that recent nine months from the date of birth Tango service got 13 million users in 212 countries and localized in 35 languages. You need just to download from to your Smartphone free of charge software. Eric Setton, one of the founders of Tango looks quite optimistic as the forecast is 60 billion USD. The segment of free video calls competing with paid video calls in 3G networks. Skype launched in
August, 2003 got in the first year only 9 million 500 thousand users.Tango video call quality is not perfect, you can switch video camera from front to rear panel to show the picture of surrounding landscape. Users can import their profile from Facebook to Tango. The bottom-line is to introduce soon paid value added services on Tango platform.
One of Tango secrets is well designed software for P2P technology, find in a couple of seconds which port on mobile router is needed. One of the key advantages is that Tango is universal, while Apple Facetime works only with I-phone, Tango works with Apple phones, Android and Microsoft Windows phone 7. Tango software is compatible with 70 models of smartphones worldwide.
Top two countries using Tango are USA with 55 % of Users and Korea who got two million Subscribers.
Among Tango competitors are startups: Fring and Jajah.
What does Tango bring to Georgia? A new format of business cards with your name, Company name cell phone, office phone, e-mail, Skype, Tango, Viber and ICQ. In order to see and hear your Customers and Partners, to make communication interface with them convenient and transparent. To make Georgia better place to live and easier to communicate!