Temur Chkheidze is 70
28 November, 2013
The last week’s important events included Temur Chkheidze’s 70th birthday. Chkheidze is a celebrated Georgian theatre director and public figure, and a leading figure on the Georgian cultural scene. Several events were held during the week to celebrate the occasion. One took place at Marjanishvili Theatre in Tbilisi, where he was awarded the title of “High Priest of Art,” an honor accorded to only a very few notable Georgians. Currently one of his most talked about productions, Yasmina Reza’s “Art,” is
running successfully at the same theater, and playing to a full house regularly.
Chkheidze has directed more than 70 plays, among them the famous “Jakos Khiznebi” (“Jako’s Dispossessed” by prominent Georgian writer Mikheil Javakhishvili), which sounded like a prophecy of the Soviet Union’s collapse when first produced.
Chkheidze was a student of the legendary Georgian theatre teacher and director Mikheil Tumanishvili, which makes him even more intriguing for Georgian theater buffs. Batoni Temuri says that he cannot free himself of his great teacher’s influence even though he has already reached the honorable age of a septuagenarian.
As a director Chkheidze often receives invitations from many different theatres around the world. He has directed in Genoa and Venice, at La Scala, the Metropolitan, the Bolshoi and many others. He was also the art director at the Saint Petersburg Theater.
Chkheidze is now based in Georgia and leads a mixed group of artists and producers at Theatre and Film University, from which he is a graduate. In the near future, the Royal Theatre on the Block, in Tbilisi, plans to open a special “Temur Chkheidze Studio” where future young actors, producers, directors, playwrights and critics will develop their talents.
His colleagues and many admirers wish Chkheidze health and happiness for a very long time to come.