A New Religion
06 June, 2014
I have been keeping an eye on expats and immigrants in Georgia lately, both due to my occupation and out of general curiosity. It is hardly surprising that almost everyone who moves here considers it his or her sacred duty to start a blog detailing the everyday experiences. What these people write, however, is far more surprising, especially when it comes to describing Georgians themselves.
I came across many remarks (and even long rants) describing Georgians as “insensitive”, “unenlightened” or
“racist”. Funny enough, this was sometimes done in the same sentences that described us as friendly and welcoming. How these people keep their heads from exploding due to such mental gymnastics is beyond me. There were even people who described us as “backwards”, “sheltered” and “ignorant”, to the point of making excuses like “Georgians were isolated from the rest of the world for a long time, so I don’t blame them for not knowing how to behave around X people and Y people”.
Let me make something clear, especially to foreigners who are reading this now: Georgians have defined themselves as a distinct ethnicity with its own culture millennia ago. Our civilization, customs and behavior were established before your ancestors discovered the wheel, let alone thought of complex concepts such as countries. Nobody managed to change or take our ways from us, be it Romans, Persians, Turks, Arabs, Mongols or Russians. So what makes preppy Americans with degrees in Gender Studies and African Basket Weaving think they will succeed? My honest advice to you: give up.
You see, Georgia is a unique country in a way that it doesn’t have a history of mistreating or oppressing anyone. Ethnic and religious minorities have enjoyed their lives in Georgia since the dawn of times without anyone even raising an eyebrow at them. Many people know this, while very few know why. The reason for this was not coexistence. It was partial assimilation – those who lived in Georgia acknowledged Georgian culture, religion and traditions as dominant. A Turk or a Persian in Georgia enjoyed complete religious freedom, but they learned the Georgian language, celebrated Georgian holidays, and sent their children to Georgian schools. And even though ethnical and religious distinction still existed, they were viewed as equals nevertheless. Such was the historical reality of this country, and not much has changed since then.
But today there is a new religion taking root in the West. Its followers usually pose themselves as secular or atheist, but are preachier than any sectarian. They call themselves proponents of freedom of speech, but censor and silence everyone who disagrees with them. They proclaim to be peaceful and loving while seeing nothing wrong in using violence against their opponents. If you ask them, they are as humane and compassionate as they come, yet they purposefully turn a blind eye to suffering of their own people. They claim to be “world’s citizens”, yet take almost orgasmic pleasure in seeing various cultures and ethnicities humiliated, warped and dissolved. This religion does not have an official name: its adherents hide themselves behind guises of “multiculturalism”, “diversity”, “tolerance”, “social justice”, “progressiveness”, “cultural enrichment” and so on.
So what does this new religion teach? I will not go into its theoretical tenets, because I prefer to judge the tree by its fruit. Apparently, it teaches that it is possible for a foreigner to live in another country, contribute nothing to it and shamelessly live off its denizens’ labor while accusing them of being scum of the earth for not satisfying his every demand. It teaches that it is wrong to prosecute foreign criminals because of their ethnicity. It teaches that everyone is equal, but foreigners are more equal than natives. It equates sexual deviancy with self-expression. It teaches that it is wrong to love your country, culture and people because of some real or imaginary mistakes your ancestors made in the past. It teaches to spit on your history and heritage. It preaches that fundamentally different cultures and mentalities can and must coexist, even if it happens at the expense of one of them. It lauds vile, degenerate eructation of sick minds as wonderful art. It pits children against parents, men against women, the young against the old. It claims that any notions of dignity, self-respect, modesty and moderation are trappings of oppressive traditionalism and should be discarded in favor of “being yourself”. It teaches that there is no right or wrong, white or black, that everyone is good no matter how bad.
Even more puzzling and unpleasant is the fact that so many Westerners were tricked into accepting this new religion under a false premise of embracing progress. So far this “progress” has made Sweden the rape capital of Europe, with immigrants committing 77% of the rapes. It has castrated Germany to the point where its denizens cannot wave their country’s flag without being called fascists. It has turned Paris, the city of romance, into a crime-ridden ghetto. It allowed Islamic fundamentalists to behead people in the streets of Britain and receive as much as a slap on the wrist. It has flooded the majestic cities of Finland with gypsies. Everywhere, across the entire Europe, proponents of “progress” are slowly but steadily destroying native cultures and ethnicities in favor of hordes of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East – all in the name of creating a “multicultural society free of hate”. What they don’t get is there won’t be anything multicultural or peaceful about the dreary brown slop they are trying to turn Europe into.
Thus I want to ask you to refrain from indignation when Georgians get angry at your lectures on “sensitivity” and “tolerance”. Just because Georgia is currently leaning towards the European Union, it does not mean we will wordlessly accept the globalist narrative it pushes and sacrifice our ethnicity, culture and values on the altar of “diversity”. We understand that professors at your cushy universities have instilled you with the freshest and most progressive beliefs straight from the Frankfurt School and you are eager to share them with the entire world, but please be so kind and keep them to yourself while you are here. When in Rome, do as the Romans. We do not need people from the other side of the globe coming here and telling us we are doing something wrong, because we have our own ways of dealing with our problems. Make no mistake, you are completely free to criticize our politics, economy and other traits of our country if tactlessness of such acts is lost on you, but if you try to infringe on our mentality, culture or customs, you will be viewed as an unwanted and damaging element, for which you will have only yourself to blame.
For us Georgians, our country is our home, and we treat it as such. All who come to Georgia are treated as guests. But even laws of hospitality have their limits. If a visiting guest started telling you that you run your home incorrectly or accusing you of being backwards because you don’t behave the way he likes, I doubt any of you would hesitate in showing him to the door and supplementing your decision with a firm boot to the hindquarters.

By Zura Amiranashvili