Simple Georgian Phrases for Beginners
04 December, 2014
1) sad aris uakhloesi sastumro?

Where is the nearest hotel?

Georgian                        English

sad                                  where
aris uakhloesi sastumro     is the nearest hotel

2) es qucha shors aris aqedan?

Is that street far from here?

Georgian        English

es                   this
qucha shors    street far
aris aqedan     is from here

3) kargad / nakhvamdis


Georgian                 English

kargad/nakhvamdis   Goodbye

4) shegidzliat damekhmarot?

Can/could you help me?

Georgian                                           English

shegidzliat (t- polite or plural form)        Could/can you
damekhmarot (t- polite or plural form)   help me

5) dzalian gemrielia

It is very delicious

Georgian                              English

dzalian                                   very
gemrieli (a -ending means is)   delicious

6) ertad gaviseirnot

Let’s stroll / go for a walk together

Georgian                            English

ertad                                  together
Serirnoba (base form)
gaviseirnot (t-plural form)     to walk

7) ras miirtmevt / dalevt?

What would you like to eat / drink?

Georgian                                 English

ras ( ra -base form)                    What
miirtmevt                                   to eat
dalevt (t- polite or plural form)    to drink

8) ra gqviat?

What is your name?

Georgian                      English

ra                                 what
Gqviat (t-polite form)     is your name

9) ra ghirs es suveniri?

How much does this cup cost?

Georgian         English

ra ghirs           how much does it cost
es                  this
suveniri           souvenir

10) momtsons

I like

Georgian     English

momtsons   I like

Author: Lika Chigadze

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