European Migrant Crisis: The good, the bad and the liar
18 September, 2015
“I call an animal, a species, an individual corrupt, when it loses its instincts, when it prefers what is injurious to it.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

The EU politicians are all lined up to lend their voices to the “save the poor refugees” choir, citing a “moral principle” as the reason why Europe should happily accept this never-ending deluge.

When Jean Raspail published his novel Camp of the Saints, he was called a crackpot and a fantasizer by pretty much everyone, and
not even the most skeptical and pessimistic minds could have imagined him actually being a prophet. Unfortunately, in the bizzaro world we live in, this is exactly how things turned out. At the moment, Europe is dealing with the greatest invasion since the Battle of Vienna.

So, what do we know of these thousands that are currently disembarking from rickety boats at the coasts of Italy, Spain and Greece? Not even half of them are actual Syrians. The majority of refugees are from Central and North Africa as well as Pakistan and India. According to latest UN estimates, 72 percent of them are men, even though it is usually women and children who flee warzones. Most of them are in their 20s or 30s, able-bodied and healthy, some of them casually toting smartphones. They throw away bread and water the European bleeding hearts give them and turn away Red Cross medicinal aid because the packaging has crosses painted on it.

What do these people want? Oh, here comes the fun part. A real refugee would be grateful to any state that would provide it with a means of living without expecting to get blown up or beheaded at any moment. These refugees, however, are dead-set on getting into Germany, Britain and Sweden to take advantage of these countries’ generous welfare systems. Naturally, upon arriving there and finding out that it’s not the promised land of milk and honey, the lot starts to riot. The same happens when these pesky Europeans dare obstruct the mass exodus – Hungarian police had a field day reining in the crowd that ran amok through Budapest.

Here is some more food for thought. ISIS has already bragged about letting thousands of its members into Europe disguised as refugees, to act as sleeper agents. A few days ago, the Greek Coast Guard seized a ship allegedly carrying refugee aid. Opening one of its containers revealed it to be full of firearms and ammo. Who sent this ship and for whom were these arms intended? Traffickers in Libya who put the people on boats across the Mediterranean charge from $7,000 to $14,000 per person – a sum far exceeding what most of these refugees could hope to make in a year. Where do they get this kind of money?

You won’t hear anything about all that from the mainstream media, though. At the moment, a full-blown propaganda campaign is in full swing. Calling the invaders an economic asset on one day and an obligation that the Europeans must pay for on the next, the media vipers coil into any shape as long as it keeps the narrative flowing. Of course, the EU politicians, too, are all lined up to lend their voices to the “save the poor refugees” choir, citing a “moral principle” as the reason why Europe should happily accept this never-ending deluge. Ignoring the obvious questions such as, “Why are they here to begin with?” or, “Why is our hard-earned money being spent on catering to them?” the EU is going as far as to threaten countries such as Ireland, Denmark, Poland and Czech Republic with economic sanctions for refusing to follow Germany’s example by rolling over and accepting the flood with open arms.

And now the good news. The events that are currently unfolding are both a wake-up call for Europe and a death knell of the EU. Many Europeans are fed up with what the two-faced EU policy-makers have been doing in their respective countries. In addition, much like a vaccine, this crisis will shock Europe into counter-action and inoculate its inhabitants against pathological altruism, multiculturalism and other toxins invented by the Frankfurt School – hopefully forever.