Clock is not counting down, it is adding up!
30 October, 2015
On Saturday for the ceremony in Charleston, instead of wedding gifts, the Managing Editor of Georgian Journal, Will Cathcart along with his wife Tika Gogia, asked guests to donate contributions to cystic fibrosis in either U.S. or Georgia! So far they have raised more than $12,000 USD for U.S. CF research and to directly help young CF patients in Georgia!

Here is the speech pronounced by Will at the ceremony:

“Ladies and gentlemen,

There is a Clemson English professor of mine here today, Dr. Morrissey. One time in class, back in 2004, he
posed a question to the class: “Why are you here - what are you paying for?”  There were many answers, the standard responses, to get a job and so forth. 

Doc Morrissey smiled and said something I will never forget. “What you are paying for,” Doctor Morrissey said, “Is time. You are paying for time… to study to learn to read.”

I suspect that the same is true in life: What we are paying for on this earth is time. What we put in to each relationship, each encounter we have in this life.

When I look around I see teachers from first grade to university. Dr. Patrick Flume and Sue Gray from the MUSC cystic fibrosis clinic are here. And they have been teachers for me as well.

Dr. Flume, the time you have spent teaching me about my condition has had an impact on my life and my health that is hard to describe. 

I have no doubt that I would not be here today if you had not spent that time with me. The same is true for so many of you here today. I look around and I see my teachers, doctors, family, editors, mentors like Admiral Shimp and Dr. Morrissey. I see old roommates, colleagues, role models, and above all, I see my dearest friends. 

The time and patience you all have had with me is why I am here today. It is why I was able to go to Georgia. It is why I was able to meet this beautiful girl standing beside me, who for reasons I can hardly fathom, agreed to marry me. 

It is all a matter of time. When I first met Tika I knew that I wanted to spend as much of my time as I could with her. And I suspect that is the secret – one at the very foundation of love. When I met Tika, I did not know how much time I would have but I knew I wanted to make the most of it. 

Today because of advances in CF research, because of people like Dr. Flume, and all of you who have donated to CF research, because of family and friends, Mom and Dad, there is a medicine that gives me the possibility of a future I never could have imagined. 

But time is a tricky thing. No one knows how much time they have. One and a half years ago we lost Tika’s father, Zaza Gogia. He was a brilliant man, a literary critic and a professor. 

Every time Zaza and I spoke, he would excitedly pull out a map or a book. And what I cherish most is the brief time we spent simply talking. I have no idea what Zaza would think of all of this. But I know he would be asking all kinds of questions to every single one of you here.

And that’s the flipside. We never have enough time. Life passes in the blink of an eye.

It is where we put the time we have that matters most. It is about those choices.

All of you here. You chose to come. To share your time, with Tika and me, and our family.

These minutes we share on planet Earth are the most precious things we will ever have. I want to thank you for sharing them with us:  for the past and for the future.

Most of all, Tika, I want to thank you. You have my time. It is yours. You make this world a place to be, and I love every single second we share.

Ladies and gentlemen, the clock is not counting down, it is adding up. Every moment gained, not a second lost.

So be proud of your age, of your time. Spend it with those you love and never underestimate the impact that you can have on a person’s life:  a person like me.

On behalf of Tika and all of our family we want to thank each,  and every one of you for sharing all that you have so far with us. And we look forward to each moment we will share in the future.  

So cheers, have fun and let’s get this party started.”

Photo by Elizabeth Cryan Photography