07 December, 2016
“All roads lead to Rome” – states one of the most famous medieval proverbs. It’s fascinating to think how much the narrow streets and glorious walls of this eternal city have seen. Countless people have been inspired by its magnificence, and my story also starts here. I clearly remember how charmed I was, being surrounded by the musical language, which subsequently motivated me to move to Italy in a few years.

Right after my first visit to Italy I have
started research about its connections with Georgia and I am contented, that there has been strong, friendly partnership between them within different spheres for decades. Day after day I am reassured in this collaboration with the help of embassy of Georgia, as it provides any help needed to young people and gives us opportunities to participate in their work.

From a practical point of view, it is essential to emphasize the sympathetic relations of these two nations. I have heard numerous times, that Georgian and Italian people have similar characters, referring to hospitableness, cheerfulness and amicability. Georgians look at Italy with admiration, conditioned by centuries of cultural, artistic or simply geographical legacy that characterizes this country, starting with the ancient Roman civilization and Renaissance glory.

On the other hand, the image of Georgia and its population in the eyes of Italian people has been very positive, they are keen on learning more about our historical motherland and about our cuisine that they absolutely cherish. My friends have been asking me to teach them some Georgian phrases and quoting: “the beautiful, heart-shaped letters”. I would also like to point out that former defender of the football club Milan Kakha Kalade is well-known in Italy. People get very enthusiastic to find out that after retiring from football, Kaladze became involved in the politics of Georgia as Minister of Energy and I am often asked about his later work.

The bilateral relations concerning trade - economic and cultural – educational aspects have been developing very successfully. In 2006, “Dante Alighieri Society” was established in Tbilisi aiming at the promotion of Italian language and culture. One of the main symbols of the capital of Georgia, the Bridge of Peace was designed by an Italian architect Michele De Lucchi.
It is significant to underline that both countries provide quality educational and experiential learning programs, which allow young people to participate in activities such as workshops, exercises, debates, to discuss and brainstorm solutions to the contemporary global issues. As a matter of fact, in 2014, a group of students from the university Politecnico di Milano visited Georgia in order to carry out an expedition to explore the details of Svaneti’s architecture and the research was followed by a photographic exhibition. Moreover, Georgian students participated in the most recent International Youth Conference held in Milan. In order to introduce cultural, historical and scientific resources of Georgia to Italy, the embassy of Georgia organizes different types of cultural events in Rome and in other cities of Italy.

As an international student I realize how important it is to travel, exchange ideas and experience with foreign people, develop understanding and mutual respect between communities and various nations. Participating in numerous international projects, I say from my experience, that they provide unforgettable opportunities for personal and professional growth. For example, while taking part in simulation of United Nations conferences in Washington, our head association organized meetings at the embassy of Italy as well as at the Italian Cultural Centre. Doubtlessly, we need more possibilities for implementing educational exchange programs and promoting acquirement of skills to become responsible global citizens.

The future of dynamic collaboration is very promising and most probably we will be seeing strengthening of these relations.