Five Reasons to Visit Georgia in 2017
27 January, 2017
If you've been searching for a unique place to vacation in 2017, the beautiful country of Georgia holds some hidden treasures. Cliff Michael from the US, a marketing associate by day and blogger by night, gives five good reasons why you should consider Georgia for your next getaway.

1. Georgia has some of the most extraordinary beaches you will find along the coast of the Black Sea. The Batumi Beach provides an astounding view of a neighboring botanical garden. There are
enough restaurants and bars in the area to keep one entertained day and night.
Batumi Beach

At the Shekvetili beach, the dark sand is fascinating and is said to have healing properties. Many people visit this beach because they believe to feel some relief from cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases.

2. Georgia is a great place for a family vacation. It is home to some of the most thrilling theme parks. The Tsitsinatela theme park, which is located close to the Shekvetili Beach, boasts over 30 attractions, which is sure to be a great place to make lasting memories. It may not have the tremendous and gigantic roller coasters that are in America, but it is still a fun day out with the family in a foreign country.
The Tsitsinatela theme park

The Gino Paradise is a fun water park with indoor and outdoor pools. Enjoy a hydromassage, or ride the waves of a pool that makes you feel like you are swimming in the ocean.

The scenery of Georgia is breathtaking, and the mountains are amazing. Georgia is home to the highest inhabited settlement in Europe, Ushguli, which is located in Svaneti.

The views are beyond compare, with fabulous nature parks, such as the Tusheti National Park.

Vardzia is an ancient monastery which dates back to the 12th century. This intricate cave palace was carved into a mountain. There is nothing else like it anywhere in the world. The drive to get to it is an adventure in itself.

4. The food is exquisite, with some of the tastiest dishes you've never tried before. The national food of Georgia is the Khinkali. These are small dumplings stuffed with a variety of different meat, cheese or mushroom fillings and topped with freshly ground black pepper.
Street markets are everywhere and carry all types of the freshest fruits and vegetables imaginable. Because of the great climate, all of the produce is grown locally.

The charm of Georgia is unlike any place you will ever find. As you walk through the narrow streets of the capital city of Tbilisi, you will get the nostalgic feeling that you are walking through the streets of a smaller version of Paris. The quaint and historic buildings make for a fascinating and impressionable experience. The cobblestone streets and pathways flow through the city in maze-like form.
Make 2017 the year of adventure. Experience a whole new world and book your trip to Georgia today.

By Cliff Michael

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