Eco-Friendly Habits: How to Clean Your Off-Roading Vehicle Responsibly
22 March, 2017
Irresponsible waste disposal practices continue to have drastic effects on the environment. Unfortunately, Georgia has been a little slower than other European countries in adopting an eco-friendly approach to life, but since the US-backed Waste Management Technologies in Regions (WMTR) program was implemented, to assist Georgia in recycling responsibly, a greener way of thinking is gaining momentum.

There’s not one particular industry in the country on which we can pin all the blame; it’s just that a lot of little
things keep adding up to one big toxic problem.

Everything counts.

However, it is not just citizens of Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and other populous urban areas who need to do their part to conserve the environment. Even those in rural regions of the country must act with care.


Breathtaking scenery such as the Caucasus mountains makes the perfect territory for an off-roading adventure.

Those who enjoy this activity have an innate appreciation for nature and the environment, as well as an interest in preserving it.

With this in mind, here are a few tips for demonstrating your respect for the world that lets you drive away from paved paths.

Read below for a summary of how to use eco-friendly methods for cleaning your vehicle.

Do It Yourself

First of all, you have to realize that you won’t be doing the environment any favors by delegating the task of cleaning your car to someone else. If you’re in total control over how your car gets cleaned, you’re less likely to waste water and more likely to use biodegradable products. We’ll talk more about those products later.

Avoid Pavement

Parking your car on a lawn or ground covered in dirt or gravel will help ensure that whatever water you may use won’t trickle to a storm drain. Instead, it can be naturally filtered by the soil.

Use Natural and/or Common Household Products

Vinegar has long been known as a great natural cleaner. In this case, it’s especially effective for getting rid of bugs.

If you have peanut butter in your kitchen, you can use it, too; tree sap and tar are helpless against it.

After vacuuming, sprinkle some baking soda in every spot possible in your upholstery to get a fresh smell. Vacuum again after thirty minutes of letting it sit.

As for everything else, look into eco-friendly cleaning products that will make sure your car is spic and span for your next off-roading trip. As is the case in many cities, it may be difficult to find the kinds of cleaners that you want in your home town in Georgia, but you can also look online. Companies like Eco-Touch and Nature’s Green Magic are specifically dedicated to helping you clean your car responsibly, but there are many other possibilities.

Bottom Line

It can be challenging to put in the extra effort that it takes to wash your car with minimal impact on the environment. However, as you enjoy the rewards of both a sparkly vehicle and a clear conscience, you’ll find that it’s worthwhile.

By Jessica Walter,
a freelance writer and mother. "I love the freedom that comes with freelance life and the additional time it means I get to spend with my family and pets".