Shall We Dance?
22 June, 2017
Shall We Dance?
“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Friedrich Nietzsche.

I strongly believe that deep down, each of us, we all carry our inner, singular rhythm or melody, matching uniquely with our personality; either we dance on the stage or behind it.

Oxford Dictionaries describe “the dance” as “to move rhythmically to music, typically following a set sequence of steps.”

If speaking scientifically, when involved in dance activities professionally,
or at amateur level, the following physical benefits are given:

Healthful condition of muscular and skeletal system of the body, good functioning of circulatory system, balanced nervous system, effective respiratory system, well developed immune system, and so on, until we reach 10 major organ systems that the human body has in order to function. Clearly, the dance anatomy is not limited only to bones and muscles, but it is the whole unit of human being dynamically participating to make a move; except that... Can the dance move be expressed without any senses, or emotions? What the physical move and particularly the dance move do to our brain?
Let’s swap the common saying and let’s begin with “after”, instead of “before”:

• When dancing, you nourish your brain by a marvelous sensation of happiness, excitement and almost childish joy; your confidence becomes mind-blowing, thoughts gradually turn out to be positive, your eyes sparkle, posture and body language already tell a different story, you walk differently, start noticing hidden colors around you, you feel calm, start liking yourself… because you constantly exercise your brain function by keeping it “on fire”, but in exclusively encouraging way.

• Accumulated progressive sensations, received from regular dancing, protect the person from mental conditions when aging; dementia is one of them, and the risk is reduced up to 75%.

• Either you dance in front of audience or attend a dance aerobics in a local fitness center, even the slowest motion of any dance move needs a fast decision making; performing a half turn or tapping side to side, requires an immediate response, which supports your intelligence and muscle memory.

• You age slowly and gracefully, but keeping your brain still “wired” and alive. Ability to store the information is well settled even in elder phase of the life, because the brain is already very flexible and adopted to memorize various physical moves.

I happen to be a dancer, also teaching other people how to hear the music and combine it with the physical move, I teach dancing. As an instructor, I am supposed to monitor my students’ moves while dancing with them; and the second I see unconscious smile on their faces, I know perfectly that we all hear the music, we sense the beauty of the move, we get a little “insane”, and we don’t care what other people might say or think; because this is about our personal development and happiness, this about our mind, soul and healthful body.

So, shall we dance?

By Mancho Busse. Georgian-born Mancho Busse has been working in hospitality business for many years by now. Her husband, Robin Busse, works for the State Department of The United States, serving his country in US Embassy of various countries. Here is what she briefly says about herself: "I graduated in General Psychology from AIU, Atlantic International University, in the States. My willingness to move on and personal attachment to Psychology became so strong that I immediately applied for the master degree in Clinical Psychology. This is what I am doing at this moment, going deeper in human mind, and receiving inexplicable pleasure to deal with.”
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