New Solutions to Georgian Vehicle Control
29 November, 2012

Georgian telematic market steps up to provide new solutions to businesses to keep a full control over its vehicles fleet through a new See Me project. The See Me project of the recently founded local WIMP company offers an opportunity to supervise and observe movement of both vehicles and containers across European and South Caucasus regions.

WIMP company imports the GSM-based data exchange system and other transportation-observing service products of Estonian-based Oskando, one of the international IT market leaders, and
assures that their service may make the car-park related expenses by 15-20% cheaper that translates into roughly EUR 1500 of yearly saving per car.
“The more products will get at the market supporting transportation and logistics the better development transit business in Georgia, besides prices on vehicle controlling systems will go down as there will be greater choice for suppliers,” Zurab Shengelia, Head of Association of Georgian Forwarders, said.
Similar systems installation price averages EUR 120-150 per car and monthly payment varies from GEL 30 to 45 depending the service package.
The number of cars possible to put under control is unlimited for See Me system but the fleet of Georgian companies seems pretty limited – one can scarcely find a company with 100-200 vehicles here.
Nevertheless, Giga Umekashvili, CEO of WIMP, finds Georgian market attractive as it incorporates 12-13 thousand trailers out of which 700-1000 are involved in international transportation. Even contracting 300 vehicles insures pay-back of yearly investments of GEL 40-45 thousand in nine months, Umekashvili said.
“The business is attractive as by small investment you make a good profit,” he said adding that there are very few market competitors at the moment.
Wissol, one of the leading Georgian oil product companies owning petrol stations network throughout the country, is among competitors. Wissol started GoLive fleet management system couple of years ago supervising car parks exclusively for its corporate clients not only on the Georgian territory but also anywhere abroad being under the roaming coverage zone of the acting cell operators in Georgia.
However, Umekashvili believes it is better to non-IT companies to be focused on their core business and do not get strayed by developing IT product as far as they can never catch up with IT companies respective the versatility of product and quality due to a very simple reason that non-IT-profile business can never invest in IT technologies as much as IT companies do and the latter will be always ahead.
“When I worked at TBC Bank we also had developed about 100 own IT programs for special banking product but it was a real drama as far as you always have problems with smooth operation of the system or adding new services to the product. We gave up programming at bank ultimately and decided to purchase ready-product. It is more effective to leave such things to IT companies whose core business is developing IT product and focus on your own profile,” Umekashvili said.
Therefore he believes that contracting Oskando, founded by founder of Skype, is a guarantee to WIMP to hit Georgian market by the best quality service controlling full and detailed observation of cargo and vehicle movement.
Experts say no other company offers such a variety of service that includes observing containers and covers Azerbaijan and Armenia too that is vitally important to cargo forwarding and logistic companies. Actually nobody sends trucks and cars to Middle Asia, all transportation companies send containers to that region that resulted in a big turnover of containers on this route. However companies lost control over their containers as soon as they cross Georgian borders with Azerbaijan or Armenia as far as now operating telematic companies in Georgia offer supervising vehicles not containers transported by several means including railway, trailers, and sea ferries. Once containers change the vehicle transportat at borders they become invisible. Now WIMP pledges to fulfill the gap and make containers visible elsewhere including South Caucasus and Middle Asia.
Moreover, the See Me system enables to keep an eye whether or not containers were opened and provides a full list of its cargo content that includes around thousand sorts of items. More than ten people are necessary to check and count the product while See Me system cuts the number to one person sitting with a computer to check everything on-line.
Umekashvili found out that find Georgian companies show an increasing demand for acquiring supervising systems to exclude fraudulence, map an optimal route and evade emergency cases. See Me system does not require any installment of programme at computer, all operations are available on-line from any spot globe over.