State-of-Art Pig Farm Completed
06 June, 2013
USD 10 million worth pig farm project was completed through joint efforts of Partnership Fund of Georgia, banking sector and private investor, Partnership Fund informed Georgian Journal on May 31, 2013. This is the first agricultural project of Partnership Fund charged in management of the state strategic assets of Georgia as well as focused on supporting agriculture sector.
According to Irakli Kovzanadze, Director Executive of the Partnership Fund, the project presented by Kalanda Ltd, an affiliated company to Geo Agro
Company, is unique as far as it represents a sample of successful partnership of the state, banking and private sector partnership. The project started late in 2011 and the USD 10 million was invested in the project was co-financed by Partnership Fund, Bank of Georgia, and private investors.
“The goal of Partnership Fund is support of private investments and putting investment in sectors where the state has priorities. One of these kinds of priority directions is agriculture development,” Kovzanadze said. “There are several other agriculture projects put under discussions in the Fund at the moment and we will soon inform society on account of support of these projects.”
The pig farm’s production complex was projected and equipped by German-based Big Dutchman, one of the leaders worldwide in the sector of cattle rearing complex projection and equipping by state-of-the-art techniques. The British ACMC company, also one of the global leaders in rearing the high-productive, fast growing and healthy pigs, provided the farm by genetics. The Kalanda pig farm is located in Tetritskaro region near Koda village and encompasses 13 hectares. The farm complex consists of 7 production buildings. Installment of combined food producing plant and slaughter-house are envisaged in the territory. Big Dutchman company will be implementing management of the enterprise during at least the first year of operation of the pig farm. The program of insemination of sows is already launched and Kalanda will offer its first high quality product to the market by December of this year at around 300 pigs a week. The output will double after the enterprise will go on a full production cycle in 2014.
The Partnership Fund by 50% co-finances agriculture projects requiring at least GEL 5 million. In other sectors the 50% co-financing is available if the benchmark investments start at GEL 30 million.