Georgian wine export resumed to Belarus
24 April, 2014
Georgia resumed the halted wine export to Belarus, Levan Davitashvili, Chairperson of the National Wine Agency of Georgia, informed on April 17.
“The export to Belarus stumbled starting this year. Early this April a delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture headed by Shalva Pipia, Minister of Agriculture, went to Minsk and achieved concrete results. NWA has already issued the first export certificates on Tbilvino Company on the export of around 80 000 bottles,” Davitashvili reported and added that the problems
did not cover only Georgia. He explained that Belarus has a very strictly regulated industry and multi-stage bureaucratic procedures. As a matter of fact the Belarusian government imposes quotas on the import and only state-based importers are admitted to those quotes. Private companies have to sell their product through these state companies. Therefore it hampers the import . According to Davitashvili, they plan to cancel the quote-based system starting from 2015 and the export potential of Georgian wines to this market will increase.
“The trade and economic relationships with Belarus are going to become more active and we plan to participate in several exhibitions [there] that will make the trade relationships between our countries more intense,” Davitahsvili stated. He also provided the wine export statistics of the first quarter of 2014. According to it, more than 15.4 million bottles were exported to 19 countries. This translates into a 243% growth compared to the same period of 2013. The top five export market is made up of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland and Latvia, however, this high export growth is obviously defined by Russia. It leads the top list by 71% that totals USD 51 202 154 and exceeds the 2013 data by 290%.
57 million bottles of wine were exported during the pre-embargo period from Georgia and 52 million out of the figure went to Russia. After Russia banned Georgian products in 2006 the figure plunged and only after diversification of export markets the Georgian wine export recovered to 22 million bottles per year by 2012. When the Russian market reopened in the summer of 2013 Georgian wine export rocketed to 22 million bottles in only six months and Russia made up for 43% of the total export.
The Georgian brandy export also witnessed a high growth: 3 940 202 bottles were exported to nine countries which totals USD 14 486 685. The figure exceeds the data of the same period of 2013 by 113%. Ukraine is the leader among export markets of Georgian brandy by 2 504 520 bottles that covers almost 64% of the total export. Russia follows by 1 242 408 bottles or around 31.5% of the total export.