2 Lari per khinkali - Inflated prices at "Kazantip"
23 August, 2014
On the 20th of August, at 9 in the evening, “Kazantip” festival was declared officially open, with both multitudes of foreign guests and local denizens attending.
“Palitra TV” became interested in prices of goods and services at the festival. It turned out that at the “Kazantip” festival grounds a single khinkali costs 2 GEL, while a loaf of traditional Georgian bread costs from 2 to 3 GEL. At “Kazantip’s” bars, half a liter of mineral water costs 4 GEL, and
can of beer costs 5 GEL – same as a bottle of Coca-cola. Energy drinks cost 6 GEL and price of various cocktails can reach up to 20 GEL.
It is also noteworthy that even using a public toilet costs 1.5 GEL.

By Mindia Aptsiauri

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