Price of admission, food and drinks reduced at "Kazantip"
26 August, 2014
Food and drinks at the territory of “Kazantip Republic” became cheaper. Some bars and food providers reduced their prices by 20% to 50%. For example, khinkali that cost 2 GEL at certain Georgian restaurants yesterday, now costs only 1 GEL. A loaf of Georgian bread that cost 3 GEL can now be bought for 1. However, price of public restrooms at the festival remained at 1.5 GEL.
Tickets (known as visas) to “Kazantip” also became cheaper. According to what Nino Sturua,
public relations manager of the project, told “Interpressnews”, tickets will cost 250 GEL from now on, instead of 400 GEL, and will allow their holders attendance of “Kazantip” till its official conclusion.

By Mindia Aptsiauri

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