Georgia's 5 richest men
10 December, 2014
Georgia was never distinguished by many of its citizens counting themselves among the rich. Her economic development, size of her market and, of course, political situation denied her such a luxury. This is why an absolute majority of those Georgians whose income numbers in the millions, generally lives abroad, mainly in Russia.
Allow us to present you with five richest Georgians. Information about some of them is freely available on the internet, while all you will be able to find
about others is how much they are worth.

Temur Sepiashvili -$
Temur Sepiashvili (Tamir Sapir) is a Jew who emigrated from Georgia some time ago, and today counts himself among the world’s richest people. His company owns property in Manhattan that is estimated to be worth about $2.5 million.
He leads a rather interesting life, which resembles something out of a Hollywood movie. Once an ordinary student from Tbilisi, he set off towards America in search of a better life and lucked out purely by accident. This is a joke, of course, but every joke has a grain of truth to it.

Sapir speaks four languages, has a 17-storey house in Mexico, a personal plane that he bought from Syria’s former president Hafez Al-Assad and one of the biggest yachts in the world. However, he frequently got involved in various scandals, but always managed to come out clean. It is said that Sapir never hides his past and remembers with a smile the Soviet times when he first began earning his money.

Tariel Vasadze -$

Future businessman and deputy was born on 15th of October, 1947 in the village of Supsa, Lanckhuti district. He graduated from National Transportation University in Kiev and stayed there to pursue his craft. Initially he was a grinder at a car repair shop. Later he became an engineer, then a headmaster, then a factory director, then head of a technical maintenance station and in 1983 became head of “Autotechservice”, factories of which later joined “Ukravto” trust. He spent 10 years as president of “Ukrainian Automobile Corporation”. With his capital estimated to be around $318.4 million, he is one of the richest people in Ukraine and is often referred to as one of the most influential people in Ukraine as well. Since November of 2012, he has been a deputy of the Ukrainian Rada.

geotv.geDavit Iakobashvili - 2.700.000.000$

He was born on 2nd March of 1957 in a family of Georgian Jews. He finished Tbilisi Polytechnic University, specializing in industrial and civil construction and engineering. He owns several influential organizations in this sphere to this day, with a dairy product company “Wimm Bill Dann” having brought him huge success back in the day.

Top five rich Georgians also includes Nikoloz Gogitidze, whose property is, by latest estimates, worth about $ and, of course, Bidzina Ivanishvili. His transition from business to politics cost him quite a lot. According to estimates by Forbes made in March of 2013, net worth of Ivanishvili’s property is $5.3 billion.