Procredit Bank offers its clients “Space 24/7” – A modern, up-to-date self-service area
21 August, 2015
On August 21, at 12:00, a press conference dedicated to opening of a new self-service area was held at the Liberty Square office of Procredit Bank. The main purpose of the conference was to present the 24/7 cutting-edge area to the media representatives and introduce them to the innovative equipment installed there. The bank’s Director General Asmus Rotne and its managers talked in great detail about the area’s concept, modernity and technical superiority of its hardware.

Procredit Bank constantly offers
interesting novelties and innovative services to its clients. At the current stage, the bank is actively engaged in modernizing the aforementioned 24/7 self-service area to ensure its functional adequacy and maximum comfort for clients making use of it in order to allow them access to any banking service they desire at any time.

In order for banking services to be faster, more flexible and more effective both for business entities and individuals, the self-service area features many multifunctional devices which enable access to 80-90 percent of all existing banking services (such as paying in, drawing on, making payments, transferring money, etc.) in a round-the-clock mode.

Just recently, the bank offered its clients three new devices that were placed in the self-service area, making access to banking services much easier.

Also, for the first time in Georgia, Procredit Bank provides clients with an opportunity to use an ATM to not only withdraw, but also to place money on their accounts. This is done via a so-called universal ATM. One of its advantages is speed: The user does not need to feed it notes one by one, since it has the capacity of simultaneously taking in and processing up to 50 bills. Besides, the provided sum of money is instantly reflected on the account balance, which reduces the time of performing this task to a minimum.

In addition, the self-service area will feature a completely new device – a safe. It is intended for customers who want to deposit a large sum of money to their accounts. The provided sums are reflected on the customers’ bank accounts in a few seconds, which is a testimony to uniqueness of this device.

Ensuring that the clients entering the self-service area are provided easy independent access to banking services is very important for Procredit Bank. This is why the new 24/7 area features yet another device – an information terminal. Aside from banking transactions, users will be able to receive information about locations of the bank’s offices, its ATM network and current tariffs, as well as make use of internet banking. The device also provides a means to contact customer service by phone.

Installation of new devices has truly made the self-service area multifunctional. Moreover, the area’s design was intended in such a way that colors, materials and every single detail used in its creation facilitated a sense of comfort in the visiting client and made them feel like it was their own banking space.

Asmus Rotne, Director General of Procredit Bank:

“At the current stage, the banking sector is actively implementing the 24-hour service system. However, Procredit Bank was the first to offer its clients a self-service area of the primary type; it happened years ago.

The main idea behind the project – the concept of being able to receive banking service at any time – has earned interest and affection of our clients. It has also stimulated us to tweak and improve the self-service area further. We worked on its adequacy, functional capabilities and design for this entire time and the end result was a grand project that has changed the entire visual style of our service centers. The main part of every single of our offices has become a 24-hour self-service area equipped with cutting-edge hardware, and the devices and terminals we offer fully satisfy the demands of our clients, be they individuals or entities.”