Svanetian Salt “Lushnu” to hit Georgian, European and Asian markets
05 March, 2016
Svanetian salt produced by ‘Lushnu, LLC’ will appear on Georgian market in a month.
Sandro Goshteliani, the Director of the factory said that Lushnu is moving from experimental to the standardized production. In his words, all the necessary equipment has already arrived from China and the production will begin in the nearest future. Svanetian salt will be sold in 50, 100 and 150 gram packages.

‘In the first stage, we plan to cover our local market and in the future
we want to cover Europe and Asia to. At the present time we are conducting negotiations and I cannot tell you anything more’, Goshteliani says. The founder of the factory also plans to begin working on certificates according to European standards. He says the experimental production of Svanetian salt proves that this product is popular in various countries. Goshetaliani says Svanetian salt was presented at various exhibitions and achieved a considerable success.

Lushnu, Ltd was founded in 2015. The factory is located in Mestia, Svaneti region of Georgia and at present 6 people are employed there. 50 thousand GEL were invested to buy necessary equipment.

By Kristine Gamtenadze

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