Person – New Georgian clothing brand hits the market
14 March, 2016
A new Georgian clothing brand named Person has emerged in Georgian market. Around a year ago a group of young Georgian enthusiasts decided to establish a new kind of Georgian label for active and free people that will meet the needs of both men and women of all ages. The tastefully designed spring collection of Person is already on sale awaiting the right “persons”. It is noteworthy, that the clothes are produced in limited numbers in order to create com
fort for “persons” and retain their individual style. Men’s clothing will appear on March 20 and will be available on the brand’s website Person’s team is planning to produce children’s clothes together with accessories for women and men as well as unisex products. The brand aims to sell its products on the international market in the near future as well. As the team behind Person says, it offers its customers good quality and stylish outfits at affordable prices.