Famous LiteForex company branch opens in Georgia
05 April, 2016
A branch of the world-famous LiteForex company has opened in Tbilisi, Georgia.
LiteForex is one of the world's largest and stable online Forex Brokers. It is a financial and investment group of companies which is specialized in the Online Forex Trading services and placing of financial instruments on the Stock Markets, on precious metals and Futures m

The aim of LiteForex and LiteForex Georgia is to encourage and promote stock exchange activities in Georgia, which will eventually lead to creating a new profession of traders. During 24 hours, a trader has the possibility to make deals from any place of the world, using the high-level terminal of LiteForex.

The analytical group of the company will help you to learn stock exchange activities on a highest possible level and make deals independently, buy and sell various valuable products (oil, gold, silver, currency pairs, shares, indexes) and become financially independent.

LiteForex company holds daily free learning courses. You can register by following the link.