Traditional Adjarian Baklava to appear in Tbilisi soon
06 April, 2016
Soon anyone will be able to buy and sample delicious delight Adjarian Baklava prepared according to old technology. This popular treat is made at the Koklozina enterprise in Batumi, capital of Adjara region of Georgia. Although the production is not large scale at present, the founder of the company hopes to develop and expand his business in order to provide the entire country with this delicious product.

“There is no tastier treat in Georgia like Baklava. It is a quite
popular dessert in Adjara and that is why it helped my production to reach success. Basically we produce Adjarian Baklava, Shakarlama (cookies) and dry sweets. I started business with my own resources. Preparing Adjarian Baklava is a quite difficult process. It is made according to old tradition using hands. The standard Baklava consists of 30 pieces and contains 40 layers. Each layer is processed and covered with walnuts and sugar that is quite time-consuming. Generally Baklava is made with hazelnuts as well, yet Adjarian one is prepared only with walnuts. We use only Georgian ingredients: walnuts, flour, sugar and butter. It is noteworthy that our products can be consumed over 10 days not more. In addition, we also have a small ethnographic corner in Batumi where our guests can see how Baklava was made many years ago. There we have special utensils that are around 250-300 years old and attract many tourists. If the demand increases on our products, we will expand our production as well as offer our customers wider assortment”, - says founder of Koklozina.
Adjarian Baklava
“Currently we are taking part in the state program named Produce in Georgia. If we win, we will be granted 5 000 GEL to renew our enterprise”, - Murman Gorgoshadze says.

As a reminder, Baklava is extremely popular sweet in Adjara. It also has its symbolic connotation. Usually this desert is prepared in big amounts for weddings. As a rule, when a girl gets married, her family brings lot of sweets including Baklava to the groom’s family.
Shakarlama cookies
Author: Tamar Korkotashvili

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