Delicious diversities of dried fruit produced in Georgia
19 May, 2016
Dried fruit producing is becoming more and more popular in Georgia as numerous factories have appeared throughout the country. Several newly-born producers try to implement innovative methods and find their places in the sun. has spoken to the founder of one of those factories called ‘Chirifruit’ and found out the enterprise has been functioning for nearly two years on the local market. In the future, they plan to widen the business and export their products.

Dried plums, apples, pineapple
guavas, kiwis, persimmons and cherries, as well as flat candies made of pumpkins, orangeades, fruit tea and dried fruits with chocolate are now on sale in big supermarkets and cafés.
Sophie Jikia, the founder of the enterprise says, these products are especially appreciated by tourists.

Chirifuit is a family business put together by five women. They learned the technology to make dried fruits in Armenia and later used their experience in their own business.

Sophie Jikia got help from her mother and sisters and today each of them has her own role in the business.
As the founder of the enterprise says, not one of them had any experience in business management, but they have learned everything by working together and taking part in different kinds of trainings.

The demand is increasing every day. We are now preparing to enter the international market. But before that we have to receive a special certificate. In any case, we will do our best to achieve success.

Chirifruit has already been represented at an exhibition in Poland.

By Kristine Gamtenadze

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