Four double-deck railcars to operate in Georgia from July
31 May, 2016
Stadler KISS double-deck railcars will start servicing passengers on Georgian railways from Tbilisi to Black Sea resort cities from this summer , stated the Georgian Railway company. An official agreement between Georgian Railways and Swiss Stadler Bussnang AG to bring new railcars to Georgia was signed on May 25.

The new double-deck railcars meet all international standards and are equipped with a modern security system. The trains’ technical data is also fully compatible with the requirements of Georgian railway lines.

KISS model trains are also designed to cater for people with disabilities. The double-decker cars have elevators and low floor entrances with sliding steps, which allow disabled people and children to easily get in and out, as well as specially equipped bathrooms for the handicapped.

The double-deck trains will appear in Georgia on July 17, and after passing technical regulation inspections, will start operating from Tbilisi to the Black Sea stopping only at the resort towns of Batumi, Kobuleti and Ureki.

The trains will be able to transport over 400 passengers. In addition, the staff who will serve the passengers are currently being trained in different countries to meet European rail standards.

Source: Georgia Today

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