What Rustavi will look like after renovation
04 June, 2016
Renovation works are underway in Rustavi, 25 kilometers southeast of Tbilisi. The Mayor of the fourth biggest city in Georgia, Davit Jikia told Businesspressnews, the first step will be giving 15 historical buildings their traditional looks. These buildings are located on Kostava and Pirosmani streets.
Invitation of bids concerning the renovation project ended recently and the cost of the project is 5.5 million GEL and it envisages restoring the buildings’ facades and lightings, renovating damaged houses and irrigation systems, as
well as roads and pavements and setting up new bus-stops.
‘The roads will be renovated with armored concrete and the pavements - with white and red, combined paving. The used material will ensure the durability of the result. We also plan to set up six telephone booths, to give the city its old look. The cycle tracks and ramps for the disabled are also planned to be set up’, - Jikia says.
The Rustavi Mayor added, the renovation works will be over by the end of the year and next year more money will be allocated for full renovation of the streets.

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