NATO Military forces serving in Afghanistan might be supplied with Georgian mineral water
30 June, 2016
Mineral waters producing company “Tskali Margebeli,” whose most famous brands are Nabeghlavi and Bakhmaro, plans to maintain stable growing tendencies in domestic and foreign markets in 2016. Currently the company collaborates with US Defence Logistics Agency as well as North-Atlantic Alliance to supply the military personnel serving in Afghanistan with Nabeghlavi mineral water.

The company’s Director General, Avtandil Svimonishvili told Financial that conquering new markets is the main goal of his enterprise. Apart from that, he added that in the current
year it is planned to further maintain good tendencies in the economically stable countries.

In spite of the inflation risks, the company will continue to invest in modern technologies. Svimonishvili says his company thinks it is extremely important to instill new technologies.

“Three years ago we began to work on a new project that envisages total renewal of our production. Germany, Austria and Switzerland were also engaged in this project, together with other foreign experts. In autumn of 2015 we began to build a new factory and it will be completed by the end of 2016. It is safe to say that Georgia will have a new factory equipped according to modern standards and this will happen very soon,” Svimonishvili says.

He added that the new factory will be able to produce many types of products – mineral waters, lemonades, juices, cold teas etc. The new factory will be located in western Georgian region of Guria, more specifically in the village of Nabeghlavi.

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