First Georgian whiskey to hit the market soon
04 October, 2016
The first Georgian whiskey named Jimsher will appear on the Georgian market shortly.

Jimsher Chkhaidze, the businessman who produces the drink, says that Jimsher is made by traditional technology and Georgian grains. The first bottles of Jimsher will appear within 5 months, in February 2017 and apart from Georgia it will also be distributed abroad.

There will be three types of Jimsher – aged in Saperavi wine barrel, in Tsinandali wine barrel and in Georgian brandy barrel.

“This whiskey, produced
according to the best Scottish traditions, will be aged in Tsinandali, Saperavi and Georgian brandy oak barrels. As a result, we’ll have three types of Jimsher and it will tell the new story of this drink in Georgian accents,” Jimsher Chkhaidze says.

The design of bottle and label was created by Georgian designer Zviad Tsikolia.

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