New 100-GEL banknotes begin circulating in Georgia
01 November, 2016
On the whole territory of Georgia, new GEL 100 banknotes will begin circulating together with older ones beginning from today. The National Bank says the new banknotes are in many ways the same as the older ones, but other themes and elements are added on them.

The new design depicts important Georgian cultural and historical heritage more clearly and with a modern touch.

The National Bank also says the banknotes are protected with easily detectable signs, including for the visually impaired
From February 1, 2016, new 20 and 50 lari banknotes began circulating and according to the National Bank, 5 and 10 lari banknotes will be updated later.

It should be noted that the new banknotes have already achieved international recognition. On March 15, 2016, in frames of the HSP™ Europe conference, an award ceremony was held and GEL 20, 50 and 100 banknotes were announced the winners.

More details about 100 Lari banknotes can be found on the following address:

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