Wooden Georgian eyewear sold in two Spanish cities
11 November, 2016
Another European country got interested with Georgian handmade wood eyeglasses. Currently, Bros Eyewear glasses are being sold in two Spanish cities and before introducing their products in other markets, the company continues to operate in Georgia. Businesspressnews spoke to Levan Gamtenadze, one of the founders of Bros Eyewear, about future plans and the production process.

- Bros Eyewear are glasses made of natural wood and, most importantly, they are handmade. We began approximately two years ago. Three people work on
new ideas, design and making of final products. With the synthesis of distinctive and original style, high-quality products are made.
The idea to produce wooden eyeglasses arose very simply. I and my brother began working at our home. We took simple plastic glasses and stuck a little wooden piece on it. We liked what we saw and decided to try more. So this is how we began our small business.

- More specifically, what material do you use in making your products?

- We use a variety of woods: walnut, maple, rose tree and boxwood. Part of them is found in Georgia but we also import another part from Spain.
- What about selling?

- We have contacts with several shops in Tbilisi and we also sell in two Spanish cities. Soon we will enter another European country. We cannot say which one it is because the negotiations are underway at the moment.
- How do you choose specific design for your glasses and which one is the most popular among customers?

- Some customers offer their own designs. We have already made five different models and the most popular among them is Marta. We all work together on the design. Sometimes we use my brother’s style and sometimes mine.
- What are the prices and what category of customers do you work on?

- Our products are for women as well as for men. The minimum price is 210 GEL and it can reach 350 or 400. It all depends on the material used and also how difficult was to make a particular model. Sometimes we create exclusive models for a particular person and this also is reflected on the price.

There were various difficulties in the beginning. We needed almost a year to reach the stage when we could begin to sell our products. However, I can say that everything went well as there were favorable factors too.
- What are the future plans of your company?

- First of all, development is very important for any beginner. We want to enlarge our production. As you may know, it takes longer time to make handmade products. We also plan to employ more people and increase the sale. We categorically oppose transition to the factory production because we think that handmade products are more valuable.

It’s been a month since we began to make optical glasses as well. It need different approach and is more difficult than making sunglasses. We plan to develop in this direction too.

By Kristine Gamtenadze

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