Wooden hand-made lamps – Georgian students’ interesting startup
25 November, 2016
This startup project by Georgian students has already received a good feedback from the buying public.
Beqa Tabatadze and a designer Nino Lekveishvili produce 100% hand-made, wooden lamps of modern as well as archaic design.

They began working on this self-funded project “Lumos” only a month ago and as of now they do not need anyone’s help.
“We use only wood and we don’t want to change this direction. We want every single detail to be made of wood,” -
Beqa Tabatadze tells Georgian Journal.

The first products are already on sale and as the students say, the buyers have total freedom in choosing the method of buying them. That is, they can purchase the lamps in stores and they also can order them with their preferred, exclusive design.

As of now, Beqa and Nino are only oriented on the local market but in the future they plan to enlarge their enterprise. They also plan to open the store, where it will be possible not only to take a look and buy the lamps but also watch the process how they are being made.

Apart from lamps, many other accessories of wood will be available for customer in near future, including wall decorations, etc.

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