Woolen socks produced in Georgian village sold throughout world
28 November, 2016
Socks with beautiful daisy patterns produced in Georgia’s Nukriani village, in Sighnaghi municipality, are sold throughout the world in the USA, Austria and many other countries. The demand on these type of socks sewed in Georgia is increasing day by day. “Nukriani Workshops” is a social enterprise that consists of 10 women who create these beautiful garments. As the company told Georgian Journal, the enterprise was established in 2006 within the framework of a regional project carried out by a
center for cultural relations called Caucasian House. “Originally 150 women learned how to craft through this project and few of them who acquired this skill best were selected to work for the enterprise. At first we used to produce woolen socks with Georgian patterns,but after we created new models with daisies, the demand has increased sharply. The very first order came from a Georgian girl based in the USA. After a week the sock was already there. Almost every day we receive new orders from different parts of Georgia as well as from abroad”, - a representative of Nukriani Workshops said in the interview.

The price of socks is 30 GEL and anyone can order them through the Facebook page of the enterprise. It is noteworthy that besides woolen socks Nukriani Workshops also produces traditional Georgian hats with colorful national patterns as well as various handicraft items, Christmas tree decorations and souvenirs made from wool and other textiles that are extremely popular with tourists. In addition the enterprise is famous for producing their natural Georgian honey, jams and churchkhela , Georgian candy made with grape juice and nuts.
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