Ready Georgian dishes chakapuli and khashi to be sold at supermarkets
30 November, 2016
Soon lovers of Georgian dishes chakapuli (meat stew with tarragon and tkemali), khashi (Georgian hangover remedy) and chashushuli (beef stew with tomatoes) will be able to buy these meals in fully cooked form at supermarkets. The only thing left to do would be just warming the dish up and enjoying.

The above mentioned ready meals will be produced by Georgian company Kula, that is known for producing jams, compotes, various kinds of tkemali (Georgian plum sauce), etc.

As founder of
enterprise Vano Goglidze told Businesspressnews, the ready frozen meals will be available in markets from January 2017. The company is also planning to produce tolma (dolma) and canned fish as well starting from New Year. Product could be found at almost any supermarket throughout country.

The company has been operating since 2009 and offering its customers agricultural products and fruit juices.