Georgian aged guda cheese to hit the market soon
17 December, 2016
Soon lovers of cheese will be able to purchase Georgian guda cheese, aged using new technology. Young farmer from Georgia’s mountainous and historical Tusheti region has started producing traditional aged guda cheese. George Karsamauli who is 25 years old, has invented a new technology of aging guda cheese using sheep sacks instead of polyethylene packaging that spoils the natural taste of the product.

As the young farmer says, the traditional method of producing guda cheese in sacks has been transmitted
from generation to generation and now he uses this technology to age the famous Georgian mountain cheese. The farmer got involved in his family business when he was just 12 and now he aims to preserve the old Tushetian tradition of producing cheese. He plans to expand its enterprise and provide Georgia with his brand new cheese.
As reported, George runs a sheep farm in the village of Vestomta, where he produces guda cheese using traditional Tushetian methods. According to him, he produces cheese in accordance with all important standards. As he says, he is the only person nowadays, who produces a salt-free cheese using this method..

"According to this new technology you have to age the cheese in a dry environment in sacks where temperature is 0-10 degrees Celsius. This gives Tushetian cheese a special taste, as the whole process takes about two months" - He says.

It is noteworthy that young farmer’s cheese has received positive feedback and high evaluation at the cheese festival. Currently 1 kilogram of his aged cheese costs GEL 60 (app. USD 25). At present he is working on packaging and branding guda cheese and soon it will hit Georgian market. In May of 2017 he plans to produce cow and goat cheeses as well.