Anyone wishing to buy a flat in the Green Diamond will be offered 20% discount
29 December, 2016
New Year is time for novelties, changes and surprises. This is a period when people traditionally make happy each other by sharing pleasant gifts. During this period, the market begins to revive, where companies make unprecedented offers and grandiose discounts.

Company MAQRO Construction makes an unprecedented New Year offer to those wishing to buy an apartment in the residential complex Green Diamond. As the interest was too high MAQRO construction extended the campaign till 15th of January, cus
tomers have an opportunity to purchase a flat with 20% discount in case of full payment of the price.

"We want to make unforgettable presents to our customers for the New Year. During the year we have had a variety of offers and we’ve decided to make a surprise and offer a grandiose discount for the New Year too. In case of full payment of the price, anyone wishing to buy a flat in the Green Diamond will be offered a 20% discount. I think it's a great allowance for out future inhabitants", - said Deputy General Director in Project Development, PR, Sales and Marketing field – Mr. Oguz Kaan Karaer.

Green Diamond sells apartments on a turnkey basis, with bath headset, kitchen furniture and devices. Internal payment by installments is interest-free and buyers are free of any extra payments.

The new complex Green Diamond project includes three phases. The first phase consists of 731 apartments will be completed in May, 2018. The unique residential complex will be located in an ecologically clean district of Tbilisi, near to the Olympic facilities. The area of the residential complex covers 70,000 m2, with 23,143 m2 internal green territory, which will enable the resident to live differently in Tbilisi. 23 living blocks with 1772 units will be in the residential complex. 3 swimming pools, 4 basketball areas, 4 outdoor fitness areas, 4 playgrounds, 7 pergolas, indoor sport facility, walking and running tracks, commercial areas, social terraces, kindergarten and school will be available for the residents of the complex.